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T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning

T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning

T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning    T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning

Jeep grand cherokee iii (wh) 3.0 crd (hp 218/160 kw) diesel. For more power for modern engines in real time. Discover our high quality product at an unbeatable price. Latest version of the software. Usually ships in 24 hours.

Full right 30 days of withdrawal. Germany's most innovative manufacturer of chip tuning products. High quality technology for a higher price. Lexclusive t-chip - a simple and advanced tuning solution for more efficiency, better engine performance and higher torque.

Tuner center, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The exclusive t-chip combines the latest technology with a huge performance boost in your vehicle.

So, up to 5 parameters are editable at the same time with modern multi channel technology. Thanks to the sophisticated microprocessor in the exclusive t-chip. The real-time data of the sensitive sensors are recalculated and sent to the calculator of your vehicle. Many factors, including the amount of fuel injection, intake pressure, pressure, turbo pressure or air mass, are optimized for their vehicle down. Speed ​​is detected by the exclusive t-chip on the cam shaft sensor or the cylinder control.

A state of the art, technical interaction, which guarantees your driving pleasure. Simple installation and the highest quality.

Our exclusive t-chip does not require any specific knowledge of the car. We provide a simple installation guide by tuner center, after which you can install the device itself. If you still have questions, we are happy to support you on the page. The supplied cable as well as the exclusive t-chip are manufactured in waterproof quality and delivered. In addition, the exclusivity of t-chip distinguishes itself through the heat - resistant and resistant to special acid-reinforced plastic glass.

Do it yourself instant fun - easy installation. E of tuner center place value on the maneuverability of our best products. Therefore, when installing our exclusive chip t-chip tuning box completely discarded the use of special extra tools. A simple connection cable between the motor and the box, but also an additional fixing with commercially available clamps is not enough.

You do not need any special automotive knowledge for the installation. Log in - difficulty - driving pleasure. Includes 2 year engine warranty. For us, it is especially exclusive. Because quality and your satisfaction are especially close to the heart, you receive from us a warranty on the engine for all tuner center products.

Security is a concern for us. Chip tuning center tuner move only in the engine herstellerseitigen reserves. This prevents possible damage to the washing motor in. Up to 7500 euro in case of damage.

For vehicles up to model year 2013. What is covered by the warranty? The guarantee applies to any damage obviously caused by the use of one of our products. This applies in particular to: engine block, the piston. Connecting rod, crankshaft, crankshaft, intake manifold, engine valves, valve guide, cylinder head, cylinder, crankcase, łlwanne, camshaft with camshaft edge, turbocharger.

Software latest version 2017 software parameter software performance parameters can be manually adjusted hardware water repellent board automotive safety cap processor 64 mhz heat resistant free t-chip exclusive powerbox wiring harness for your vehicle individual installation instructions fasteners original plug form engine warranty. Via the card & play.

We write excellent customer service. For this reason, it is also a concern, we that you install our tuner center quality products can render independently and without the use of special tools. You also need no special knowledge of the automobile. All our components, such as the wire harness, the 24-pin automotive plug and the plug adapters are tested before delivery by our technicians and the highest standards.

High quality automotive x closure caps. Is my engine through the center of a tuner circuit tuning several claims? If you fully exploit the desired power, the engine develops more torque (nm) and power (hp), which increases the stress a bit. An additional load is created only for the complete motorization.

Basically the engines of today are already from the manufacturer's site on the corresponding power. Manufacturers offer even higher levels of performance for example and new developments of existing components. Is this possible despite the increase in production to record fuel and in the affirmative, how? After the built-in t-chip in the vehicle, the fuel savings of 200 ml is possible up to 2.0 liters and can be set earlier on top speed since the torque in the lower turns then significantly higher is found .

Depend on the values ​​of the characteristics of the respective engine and series tolerance of the vehicle. The majority of our customers reported saving more than 100 km in 2. Can I use a tuner chip tuning center with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? Our tuner tuning chip center is easily usable in conjunction with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or soot particle filter.

Our modules are designed in a way, it is a good operation on series vehicles with dpf. Where should I connect the wire harness? Common rail vehicles offer the connection for the wiring harness usually at the end or in the middle of the common rail.

Shorten the life of my engine a chip tuning? The dose rate that makes the poison is very good in this case. As long as no limits are exceeded when a chip tuning and your driving style is - normal -, must be provided with increased wear. If you expose the engine through an aggressive driving style constantly high loads, it is negatively completely independent of a chip tuning, on your vehicle. Is my vehicle for a chip in focus?

In fact, almost every diesel can - and turbo vehicles by chip tuning to optimize. Some gasoline engines without turbo have to do this. We have created a list with geeigneten fahrzeugen-for you to orientation. Like, you can also send us a detailed request or personally look at us, our engineers will gladly advise you!

A special tool is needed for the installation? No, the installation can be done without special tools. In some cases it may be that the air filter housing must be removed beforehand so that the sensor can be reached.

For car knowledge to recommend and it is advisable to visit a workshop. Customer technical support message or phone. Receipt of the manufacturer's warranty & return in the state series: unlike other suppliers, the dismantling of serial status with our quality products without large overhead and additional costs is possible.

Once you have fully developed our quality tuner center product (and all the connectors according to the original condition were connected), your vehicle will again in the state series and again offers standard performance. Based purely on how the vehicle is already in the state series, after you've deducted the chip tuning and the original plug attached to the harness. A reading of vehicle storage performance data can provide an indication of (no evidence) to improve performance. These data are only from a few producers in the workshop collected and evaluated separately.

If you have described the questions about this, we are with our customer service center at your disposal from the tuner. T-chip, exclusive t-chip, t-booster, t chip tuning warranty conditions. Tuner center, racecourse road 107 a, 67454 haßloch takes back consumers for t-chip products, exclusive t-chip, t-booster, t chip tuning (hereinafter referred to as chip tuning) this warranty on the engine.

Scope of Warranty - Covered Components and Parts: This warranty is valid for all damages to the following engine and parts components, obviously and exclusively caused by the use of our t-chip, exclusive t-chip, t-booster, t chip tuning : engine block, pistons, connecting rods. Cylinder head, cylinder, crankshaft, crankshaft speed, air-conditioned and equipped with ßlkreislauf in permanently connected permanent, camshaft, camshaft gear, intake manifold, engine valves, guide valve, ßlwanne, crankcase, turbocharger. The conditions and the warranty period.

This warranty applies only to vehicles that are approved in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The warranty starts with ßbergabe of chip tuning for the customer and applies to exclusive t-chip, t-booster, t chip tuning for 1 year, products.

For exclusive t-chip, chip t tuning and t-booster products 2 years warranty. This is the warranty card zusatzsteuergerat closed 14 days after the ßbergabe of the chip tuning completely filled, placing and returned signed on tuner center. The first vehicle registration in ßbergabe chip tuning for the customer is more than zuruckliegt five years. No other engine changes or control systems and the vehicle's computer, including improving performance or changing any type of exhaust measures have been made. Restrictions - no guarantee is.

Damages based on the loss of the vehicle. For damages based on this service prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer and maintenance are not distributed. For damage resulting from the fact that the equipment or the authorized weight of the vehicle has been exceeded. For vehicles that are used in motorsport or similar driving events with the competitive nature or its ßbungsfahrten. The use of fuel types not shared by engine oils and the vehicle manufacturer will void the warranty.

For vehicles equipped with turbo gasoline engines, the warranty claim expires if they do not invariably run on fuel of at least 98 octane. The warranty is transferable to other owners of the vehicle and is not damaged during the installation of the chip developed to the other, that the vehicle is registered in the warranty card. The warranty claim, ie entry damage the vehicle components covered by this warranty and parts (see above) within the warranty period, tuner center shall inform immediately in writing.

The written notification of the guarantee must be sent to: tuner center racecourse road 107 to 67454 haßloch-germany. With the written notification of the guarantee are required to submit the following documents. Original proof of purchase for the auxiliary control unit.

Written evidence (eg origin service vehicle manufacturer's booklet) from where, the respect is evident by the vehicle manufacturer recommended service / maintenance. Copy of the vehicle registration document (Certificate of Registration). Copy of the fur from the purchase of the vehicle (photocopy contract).

Before the examination of repair or damage are required to obtain the instructions of the tuner center. Is the representative of the center tuner to allow the study of engine damage and to provide all the necessary information to determine damage and information. Is violating these terms and conditions, the warranty will expire. Compensation in case of guarantee center tuner assumes the nachge technically necessary and actually incurred, introducing a bill - place repair costs for engine components, covered by the warranty and parts up to a maximum of? ¬ 5,000 , - in the case of davaria.

Legal rights the legal defaults of the warranty rights (warranty) of the consumer against its seller regarding the chip tuning, are not limited by this warranty on the engine. Legal notice compulsory registration for chiptuning in vehicle documents. By chip tuning, the general operating vehicle expires if has been acceptance of performance installation not quickly transported stvzo by an officially recognized test establishment i. § 19 and confirmed in accordance with § 22 stvzo.

Thus, the performance must be entered in the vehicle papers. Notice of corresponding party on the recording of the chip tuning. You can with this party review enter performance on any recognized test lab. An entry in the vehicle papers on an individual license paid by a recognized institute is possible even without certification. Because the exact procedure and costs for a simple case-to-case loss are different, you should consult directly with the appropriate institute criteria on the details of the individual receipt in your case.

One usd note rücklich, that tuner center assumes no responsibility for the non-registration of present in the documents of the vehicle. Warranty claims and warranty after tuning chip By installing a chip tuning, you will lose the warranty claim against the guarantor (usually the manufacturer) on the engine. Thus, your warranty claims against the seller of the vehicle may be affected.

However, we are convinced of the high standards of quality and safety of our products by the tuner center, so you get when buying our products an included motor warranty or they can further supplement with us. More details about our tuner center has received the warranty motor insurance here. Installing a tuning chip can affect the insurance coverage of your vehicle under certain circumstances. For other questions, we have available with our customer service by email or phone available.

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T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning    T-chip Exc. Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (218 Ch / 160 Kw) Chiptuning