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Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote

Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote

Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote    Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote
Remote control universal folding key jeep. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Flipkey radio remote control with dumb keypad keys keyless entry. 1 x 2 flipkey radio control + blanks (sample blanks if not specified on car), 2 logo specific emblems, calculator, wiring harness and German manual.

Set -1 folding key wireless remote control universal kit for vehicle 12 volts, keyless entry. Upgrade or upgrade the central locking system. 2 folding keys, including 2 blanks (please specify the link code number after purchase). Door and rear door opening or, for example, tank cap opening via radio remote control possible.

Quality control unit and the latest microprocessor technology. That the supplied remote control can be used on the supplied control unit. Someone has a different model or similar remote control, so he can not open your vehicle.

For all vehicles, adapted with the mobilization device, the old tag is still used (no new encoding is required). Extra transpoderfach in radio remote control included.

If you already use radio remotes of the same type (manufacturer), you can continue to use with the new system. Programming of up to 4 radio remote control the other models of the manufacturer can. So always 2 plus remote control to the control device could be programmed for this system. With us with a logo emblem of 2 cars to leeg on the back of the remote specifically for the vehicle. Latest microprocessor technology - scansicher. Remote control with blue LED. German included manual and vehicle-specific wiring diagram connection bracket. Possible comfort control (remote automatic closing windows). Hazard warning lights, blinker operation on opening and closing possible tripping. Price and performance relationship top. Please buy your extra car data in the mail or in the till so that the cable can be properly planned!

Being made if not indicated, is a simple connection plan for several different types of vehicles in. Cable plan that can be requested afterwards! Available, ask for drafts for many different vehicles. Flans grinds and cuts all good key services usually little money.

Click here for the blanks! The article is available for several cars and can be incorporated universally in all cars, which already have an original central locking system or be equipped with. 2-4 can be used simultaneously, 4 buttons with blue led.

(reducible with silver leaf) up to 180m. We wish to point out that the key provided by us is not original key or housing. The trademark displayed for purposes only, so they can better associate the products!

Here you can bid for a flipkey keyless entry system with 2 remote control with integrated blue static light, window closer exit, flashing car indicators, if opening or closing, exit trunk, 2 blank keys of the sample (if you see your key in the link write us or you see a number in the) title you get this for your car and 2 badges for the back of the remote. Wheel cover / wheel accessories. Products that may be of interest to you. Wireless remote keyless entry vw golf 4.

Wireless remote control mercedes e class w124. Central locking + remote control fiat ducato + # 6. Servo motor 12v for central locking + tailgate 2 poles motor actuator zv2. Door contact zv sliding bus sliding door contact t3, t4, t5, t6. Window all comfort automotive module 2-4fenster 4efh + 1 command closing module 12v.

Flipkey yom with 3 buttons + transmitter remote control electric keyboard protector. The item \central locking kits \The seller is \This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote    Universal Jeep Flip Key Remote