Great Cherokee Iii

Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps

Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps
Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps
Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps

Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps    Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps

Chiptuning ct - jeep grand cherokee iii which 3.0 crd 160 kw 218 ps. 100% product & developed in Germany. Chiptuning box ct - jeep grand cherokee iii which 3.0 crd 160 kw 218 ps.

For more than 20 years, speed-buster has met the highest quality requirements for chiptuning. With its development department and internal production lines (at the sinzig location, rhineland-palatinate), speed-buster is one of the world's leading suppliers. (up to 5,000,-).

Including the engine protection guarantee. The highest quality "made in germany". Up to 30% more power.

More than 20 years of experience. Easy installation in about 10 minutes.

All engine protection programs are maintained. Easy, fast and 100% re-installable.

Free delivery within 24 hours. The speed-buster chiptuning box ct - jeep grand cherokee iii which 3.0 crd 160 kw 218 ps is connected to various motor sensors. Thanks to our vehicle-specific cable bundles and original connectors, sensor data are sent directly to the box, recalculated by microprocessors during real-time data processing, and then transmitted to the engine control unit.

Thanks to this calculation based on vehicle-specific maps, a wide variety of engine parameters can be optimized - the result is optimum efficiency, more engine power and higher torque. Year of construction: 06/2005 - 05/2011.

Power: 160kw 510nm >> 171kw 540nm. Quality product - already 100% for more than 20 years - made in Germany. Multichannel Chiptuning-box with vehicle-specific parametric. Easy and fast tuning box installation and removal.

Real-time data processing thanks to the latest microprocessor technology. Scope of delivery: speed-buster chiptuning box, motor guarantee, vehicle specific wiring beam and mounting instructions for easy installation. As the first German manufacturer of tuning-kits with more than 20 years of experience we develop and produce over 800m2 of office space and 1,500m2 of storage space our tuning-kits for more than 3000 different vehicles.

We are certified according to din in iso 9001 and check our products on the maha test bench. The speed-buster chiptuning box also has its own protective mechanisms to reduce engine wear.

We can guarantee this to our customers with their own engine warranty. Up to 5,000,- in case of damage.

No deduction from a deductible. All important components of the engine are covered. Also applies if the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

How does chiptuning work with speed-buster chiptuning-box? Most manufacturers will now sell a single engine with different power levels. This means that only software located on the control unit is responsible for delivering real power. At this point, the speed-buster-box starts and offers you the extra power of the most powerful model.... and this at a fraction of the price engaged by the dealer.. even with highly motorized vehicles, the engine still has significant power reserves, around the world sales markets meet the needs at different air pressures, exhaust limits and fuel differences. How can I reduce fuel consumption and save fuel despite the chiptuning and associated extra power? Since each combustion engine has its best efficiency at or near the maximum torque line, this simply means: the largest ratio, in which the desired performance can still be provided is also the most economical in terms of fuel consumption.

By speed-buster chiptuning increases the torque available in the average and lower engine speed ranges so as to allow a faster rise in speed, but also a continuous driving at low speed, without any problems. Prior switching times, combined with optimized internal combustion engine efficiency, significantly reduce fuel consumption. Can a speed-buster tuning damage my engine?

Speed-buster chiptuning only works within the limits of your engine's power reserve. Of course, all oem engine protection programs remain fully active. By the single engine protective system (eps) speed-buster minimizes the stresses on the engine.

Is speed-buster chiptuning suitable for my car individually? Yes, each speed-buster chiptuning is designed and programmed specifically for the engine and the corresponding control unit.

This is the only way to ensure optimal performance and perfect handling for your vehicle. Each engine, for which speed-buster offers a tuning-kit, has been developed and tested in complex on-site tests lasting several days.

How complicated is the installation of speed-buster chiptuning-box? Thanks to the plug & play system, suitable for every vehicle, the autonomous electronic installation of our electronic system is possible in minutes. Can I put my vehicle back in series? The pure seamless connection allows a residue-free removal. During installation, no intervention in the control unit of the original sealed engine is required, the manufacturer's factory-defined parameters are kept. After removing the tuning kit, the vehicle is back in production. The speed-buster chiptuning is then reusable.

For short-term deactivation of the chiptuning, you can simply replace the module with the bridge cap. The engine control signal is then simply passed directly through. Can I also use chiptuning-box with diesel particulate filter (dpf)? Yes, of course, our power electronics are set so that they can be easily used with a diesel particulate filter (dpf) or soot particulate filter.

Is Speed-buster really complete "made in germany"? 100% speed-buster is really made in Germany! Complete development and production take place directly here in sinzig. You can provide a delivery address, email address and telephone number. In the next step, you can choose the desired payment method.

Finally, don't forget to press "complete the purchase". After receiving the money on our account, the item will be prepared for shipment and shipped on the same or next business day.

Delivery is free to France. The power and nm increases indicated are target values.

This means that deviations up and down may be caused, for example, by the mass tolerance of the vehicle concerned, the quality of the fuel used, or also by the maintenance and age of the vehicle. An increase in the performance of the vehicle by chiptuning or additional control devices shall in principle be recorded in the vehicle papers. This entry is possible without problems only if the chiptuner has a certificate of parts available for the corresponding vehicle model. The execution of an increase in performance without change accepted by the tüv or a similar establishment and registration has the loss of the operating licence and therefore the loss of insurance coverage!

An increase in performance may result in the loss of the warranty or warranty obligation of the vehicle manufacturer or the vehicle vendor. Increasing the performance of motor vehicles requires a new classification of liability insurance and full insurance. The buyer is required to ensure compliance with the insurance coverage. The buyer undertakes to inform its customers of the possible consequences described above in the event of resale or installation. The warranty request must be returned in its entirety within 10 working days of delivery of the chiptuning-box with the date and signature of the buyer.

Upon receipt, you will receive a stamped copy of the request for your documents by e-mail. The warranty is covered for all damage to the following components and parts of the engine, to the extent that they result exclusively from the use of speed-buster products: 2.1 motor: block, cap, cylinder shirts, pistons, crankshaft, crankshaft, camshaft, camshaft sprocket, rod, all internal parts related to the oil circuit, engine valves, valve guide, crankshaft housing, intake collector, oil crankcase. 2.2 power transmission: cardan shaft, axle drive shafts, transmission (with the exception of clutches and coupling parts integrated into the gearbox). The warranty period begins with the purchase of the tuningbox (invoicing date) and ends after the expiry of three years, but at the latest with a vehicle age of 5 years after the initial recording or mileage of 100,000 kilometres. 4.1 the guarantee applies only to vehicles registered in Germany.

4.2 the guarantee applies only to the vehicle registered on the guarantee card and only to the owner of the vehicle registered on the guarantee card, the guarantee is not transferable. There is no guarantee request. A for damage caused by normal vehicle wear. B for damage caused by not performing maintenance and maintenance according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

C for damage resulting from exceeding the maximum permissible load of the trailer or the total laden weight of the vehicle. D for damage resulting from the use of fuels and equipment not approved by the manufacturer, such as engine oils. E for damage resulting from changes in control units or emission-related measures. F for vehicles used in motor sport or in general during events, as well as for the relevant practical tests and tests. In case of warranty, speed-buster shall bear the actual and verifiable repair costs of the above mentioned engine components and parts up to a maximum amount of 5000.

If the repair costs exceed the present value of the vehicle immediately before the damage, there is no obligation to pay a guarantee. The assumption of other claims, such as (but not exhaustive) towing and accommodation costs, loss of use compensation, car rental costs and damage repair costs to other parts of the vehicle are expressly excluded.

Procedure for the guarantee case. 7.1 In the event of a warranty claim for vehicle components and parts covered by this warranty during the warranty period, speed-buster shall be immediately informed in writing of the occurrence of damage. The following evidence must be provided together with the damage report: has received the original purchase of speed-buster- chiptuning-box b proof p. Maintenance book of the vehicle manufacturer in the original compliance with the maintenance and maintenance intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer c copy of the vehicle registration (zulassungsbescheinigung teil i) d copy of the vehicle purchase contract 7.2 the approval of the repair and the commitment of the costs are made exclusively by the speed-buster gmbh & co.

7.3 the commissioning of a repair and the preparation of a pay offer require the prior written agreement of speed-buster gmbh & co. 7.4 each guarantor authorised by the guarantor must allow access to the vehicle and a thorough investigation of the damage, as well as provide all the information necessary to establish the damage and its extent. Speed-buster shall cover the actual and demonstrable repair costs on presentation of the invoice of the engine components and parts covered by this guarantee, for each damage, up to a maximum of 5,000. Claims become prescribed after a period of 12 months following the occurrence of the claim.

The granting of the guarantee is subject to German law. The item "ct jeep grand cherokee iii which 3.0 crd 160 kw 218 ps" has been on sale since Tuesday, September 1, 2020. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\tuning, styling\motors, chip tuning\chips, chips".

The seller is "speed-buster" and is located in/in sinzig. This item can be shipped to the following country: france.
    Country of manufacture: Germany
  1. location on the vehicle: forward
  2. description of the bundled offer: chiptuning for cars
  3. mark: speed-buster
  4. number oes (original equipment beg): 10100927-s
  5. Manufacturer part number: 10100927-s

Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps    Ct Jeep Grand Cherokee III Wh 3.0 Crd 160 Kw 218 Ps