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Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning

Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning
Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning
Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning
Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning

Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning    Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning

S for your jeep grand cherokee iii (wh), 3.0 crd (211 PS / 155 kW). Up to 1 year engine warranty.

Up to 10% saving on fuel. Check out our best product at an unbeatable price. Ready to ship in 24 hours. Free shipping in the eu. Manufacturer Most Innovative germany flea control products.

High quality technology at a great price. The hj s beaten the heart of each tuner faster. It combines a clear csr in terms of torque, efficiency and power of the engine through its implementation well thought out and extremely accurate.

We are not satisfied until you are. That's why we optimize your vehicle with the most modern chip set solution, the hj s.

A peculiarity of this variant is that adjustment data is transmitted without delay to the engine control unit. This allows to adapt optimization exactly to your vehicle. The best possible result is obtained from many factors such as the boost pressure, the injection quantity or the pressure of the intake manifold.

Installation also possible our quality product without technical expertise. So you can install our hj s in your vehicle, no special knowledge or skills are required in the automotive sector.

Even as a beginner in the setting, you can easily integrate yourself the chip in your vehicle using our installation instructions. Nevertheless, we are of course at your side with advice if you have questions or problems. Quickly install and begin immediately with more performance. In addition to the highest quality, it is also very important for us to hj-performance that you can manage without instruction pages and the use of tools developed specifically for the automotive sector.

A simple cable connection and additional cable ties are all you need for installation. After the simple installation of high quality product, nothing stands in the first test. Start the engine and get a much higher power.

Including 1 year engine warranty. Do not worry about damage. We want to give our customers a positive feeling when they place an order. That's why we offer all our customers an additional one year warranty on their motor for each product they order. Concerns about possible damage to the engine of the past. Our motor year warranty comes into force automatically with your purchase and applies to all vehicles built in 2013 or after. Damage to a price of 3500 are fully covered. And best of all: there is no deductible! In which case the engine warranty does cover damage? As you probably know, the engine of a vehicle is a complex component composed of many small parts. Regardless of the charger, cylinder head and crankshaft are affected. If it is proven that the damage was caused by the installation of one of our products. When the warranty is effective. Latest version 2019 parameterization software. Wiring harness hj s powerbox for your vehicle original connector mounting hardware individual installation instructions Record engine warranty. Repellent printed circuit automobile security lock processor 16 mhz heat resistant 25 million calculations. Only a satisfied customer is a good customer. System plug and play simple for easy installation. Each dissatisfied customer is definitely one too many for us.

Therefore, we always strive to offer only the best service and superior products. A simple installation of our products is also a question of conviviality.

Forget the cumbersome and complex facilities and instruction with our products, you make the ultimate driving pleasure on the road in minutes. A special plastic resistant to heat and acids with glass fiber reinforcement and the quality of seal chips and associated cables demonstrate the high quality of products.

Nevertheless, we want to avoid any inconvenience you completely, so that the various components are tested by our technicians professionally trained before being returned to the manufacturer. The product will be sent if the full functionality has been guaranteed during this test. With us, you do not have to choose between increased performance and reduce consumption. At hj-performance, we allow you to do both. Fuel cost optimization after 20,000 km.

Through our unique quality products, you not only get the desired improvement of your performance, but also the simultaneous reduction in consumption. In combination with a suitable driving style, you can save up to 1 l fuel per 100 km. Investing in your chiptuning is expected rapid and sustained, because you save money every tank of gas.

If hj performance chiptuning my biggest motor impact? Since your vehicle is driven through our chiptuning before, so there is a slight additional expense for the engine. If the extra power obtained through the full use chip tuning, torque and power also increase. However, this higher load on the motor occurs when the extra power is fully utilized. However, you can use the extra power without worries.

Most of currently installed engines are designed for this additional load can be transported without any problems. The more power impact does the consumption of fuel in my vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, you save between 200 ml and 2.0 liters per 100 km after installing hj s in your vehicle. These savings result from a slightly different driving behavior to the extent that you can upgrade to a higher speed a little earlier due to the higher power.

Besides the switching behavior, the actual savings also depend on the design of the engine of the respective vehicle. Satisfied customers have reported fuel reduction of about 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers as a comment. A hj-performance control chip also she interacts with a diesel particulate filter (dpf)? Yes, a vehicle equipped with a diesel particulate filter (dpf) integrated or a soot particle filter is not an obstacle to installation of a control branch of hj performance. All products are specially designed to match optimally with the respective vehicle despite the presence of a diesel particulate filter.

O should I connect the wiring harness? Virtually all vehicles common rail market have the connection for the wiring harness in the middle or at the end of the common rail. A chiptuning causes a reduction in engine life? The question of the durability of your engine is linked to the driving style and the installation of a chip tuning. Chiptuning alone will not lead to a reduction in life.

The engine typically only lasts a shorter time than usual if the driver displayed a very aggressive driving style and thus permanently exposes the engine to heavy loads over a longer period of time. However, it should be noted here that this is independent of adjustment of the chip. Because even without setting an aggressive driving style means a reduction in the lifetime of the engine. Can I install a hj s in my vehicle? The diesel cars are almost all suitable for chiptuning.

In the case of gasoline engines, it depends on the manufacturer and model. On our homepage you will find a detailed overview of the vehicles that would suit our setting with hj s. Of course, you also have the possibility to contact us directly with the data of your vehicle individually and technicians will check if the chip tuning is possible in your vehicle. I chiptuning a special tool for chip tuning? During the development and production of our products, we have attached great importance to the fact that the chip tuning also possible without training or knowledge in the automotive sector. No special tools are required for this. The only exception is for vehicles that require the removal of the air filter housing for plugging the chip.

For this, it is recommended to have knowledge of the motor vehicle or, if necessary, to visit a trusted shop. The item uning styling \ engines, chip tuning \ others. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia, australia.

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    Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning    Hj-s Jeep Grand Cherokee III (wh) 3.0 Crd (211 Ch / 155 Kw) Diesel Chiptuning