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Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw

Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw

Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw    Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw
Partial renewed engine jeep great Cherokee 3.0 crd 2006-10 exl 4x4 155kw. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Used & renovated & partially renewed. More than 10 years of experience.

We have been a member of the Fair Commerce initiative since 8 June 2016. Article - original and photo examples. Instant delivery - depends on the carrier. G guarantee - please read the terms and conditions.

We sell online with many years of experience and are specialized in engines and transmissions from all car brands. You can buy almost all the engines and transmissions from us. You can also find very rare pieces here.

We have the lowest prices in Germany. Please note that we are a permanent establishment in Germany and that our parts are verifiable. From the recycling of vehicles! It's probably not stolen property!

We warn against retailers whose product range cannot be proven. Jeep great Cherokee 3.0 crd. 12 months - please terms and conditions. The engine is partially renewed, i.

Engine with new main bearing, new rod bearings, new simmerrings and new piston segments. Pistons and rodes are used - there are only new ones if necessary. Cylinder shirts - new or sharpened - are only available if necessary. The crankshaft is rectified and balanced, the dimensions are nominal. The head is pushed back and rectified flat, after checking for density and pressure. Valve seats shall be rectified if necessary. Renewal of hydraulic components, hoses, valves and valve guides.

Measurement and if necessary replacement of camshaft. The distribution chain is new!! the return of your engine is included.

If there are problems with the engine/transmission after installation, please contact us. We will try one for ourselves and find the best solution for you.

This engine/speed box is a spare part. The price applies only to the return of the old coins. The exchange engine - in addition to the purchase price, we charge a deposit for old parts in the amount of 800.00. The return of the old pieces is required! The bond/old coin must be prepared for shipment within 7 days of removal.

The seller will take care of the return of the old room. As soon as we receive your old coin, you will receive a credit of the amount of the deposit. We only send the goods after payment of the purchase price and the down payment. Important - applies to the deposit of the old room! The inside of the old engine shall not be rusty, cracked or welded.

If the engine is cracked, rusted or has a hole, please add 400.00 transferred. Would you like to keep the old engine, please 100,00 transferred with. The installation of the engine and the first start after installation - guaranteed when the engine is installed, all reported parts must be checked. Please install a new oil cooler and keep the corresponding invoice - an oil cooler may be available. The installation of the engine with an old oil cooler and metal chips is not subject to. Please take this recommendation seriously. The oil line must be free of contamination, otherwise the engine will be contaminated (please remove the metal chips and oil sludge completely from the oil line) 2. Flying dual-mass engine - please check or install a new one and record the invoice. Injectors - please check or install new injections and keep the invoice. Turbocharger - please check or install a new one and record the invoice.

Please clean the turbo intake system, including the intermediate cooler, or install a new one. And keep the bill for that.

Please use only 10w60 engine oil - applies to a 12-month warranty. Please change the engine oil every 10,000 km.

After the first start, please measure the oil pressure. After the first 2,000 km, please change the oil. The next oil drain must be carried out after 10,000 km.

The oil has to be changed every 10,000 km. For your safety, always check the oil pressure at the respective mileage of 10,000 km. To achieve correct engine operation and avoid damage to the engine: 1.

Please check the dose of the injector. The control unit must be programmed with the integrated diagnostic system (ids).

Run the process of "learning injectors" - via ids. Please keep the id impressions. Failure to comply with these instructions may cancel the guarantee.

It's mandatory but not for all car brands! When starting, it is necessary to proceed as follows: High pressure pump programming and sizing of the injection nozzle!!! Please check the oil pressure when the engine is cold and hot. The engine has a new main bearing, new rod bearings and new piston segments. Before you start for the first time, make sure the injection nozzles are 100 percent. Start: Please start the engine for 15 seconds and turn it off again. Please wait 5 to 10 minutes. After this step, cut the engine for 3 to 4 hours. After 3-4 hours, you can have a test drive. Please do not completely push the accelerator, i.

The first 1,000 km please carefully and slowly walk. Speed up to 2000 rpm. Vmax 120 km/h after 2000 km, please change the engine oil and oil filter.

The next oil drain is expected to take place after 10,000 km. Change the engine oil every 10,000 km. We are happy to answer your questions. Please note that we are a permanent establishment in Germany and that our parts are verifiable from vehicle recycling! All auto parts come from auto recycling or test cars. This is why most engines and transmissions have little mileage, between 500 and 3000 km.

We import very rare car parts especially for you from other countries such as Japan, the United States or Great Bretagne. As you can see, we are guided by your individual order! All parts are 100% controlled and sold with a 12/24 month warranty. All parts used are worn out and have traces of use, but are fully functional. The goods will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.

Delivery by raben or dhl. Of course, all the pieces are checked before shipment. Jaki model polecasz i jaki rozmiar powinienem wybr.

The item "Partial renewed engine jeep grand cherokee 3.0 crd 2006-10 exl 4x4 155kw" is on sale since Thursday, July 8, 2021. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto\ spare parts\motors, engine parts\motors complete". The seller is "amg-art" and is located in/in kaiserslautern. This item may be shipped to the following country: europe.
  1. reference number oe: jaki model polecasz jaki size powinienem wybr
  2. product group: engine part
  3. number of cylinders: 6
  4. product type: engine
  5. reference number(s) oe / oem: jaki model polecasz jaki size powinienem wybr
  6. Mark: jeep
  7. capacity: 3.0l
  8. fuel: diesel
  9. Unit quantity: 1 Manufacturer part number: om 642

Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw    Part Renewed Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine 3.0 Crd 2006-10 Exl 4x4 155kw