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Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles

Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles

Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles    Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles

Premium parking assistance 4x 18mm pdc vehicles park warning sensor. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Express - contact us about touch. Over 750,000 satisfied customers.

Car repair shops and tarpaulins. Door sills and door frames.

Film to protect the loading edge. Rubber protection of the loading edge. Come and leave the house.

Simulators of airbags and belt tensioners. Radio remote control and accessories.

Auxiliary line in the adapter. Trip computer and made mfa. Pdc at the central electrical system. Note: the vehicle application list is used only for purposes of rough comparison and is often not sufficient for accurate determination of accessories and spare parts.

Please note the exact model information and notes in the description! Parking assistance 4x premium decline warning sensor CDP car 18mm many vehicles.

Parc premium parking control set incl. The diameter of the sensor is 18 mm as the ex-factory original sensors! Complete set ready to install incl.

Special drilling accessory for easy installation of pdc sensors. Do you have any questions on this article? Including custom drill to the bumper. You can paint the sensors in the color of your choice and look great to factory sesnors (see pictures after installation).

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Items of interest to you. Powered by creating your model. Select the assembly: view the article hits id: 128974622 product description scope of supply: Support 4x 4x rubber lips 4x 18mm sensors buzzer 1x 1x 1x control module suitable decoration of drill 'interior perfume main vehicle antennas weapons aerodynamic problems wiper pedals and footrest trim lighting and lamps shock protection covers seat cable & plug vat.

Vorn hinten schwarz weiß piepton. The item \parking assistance \ parking aid kits. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia.

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  2. reference number oe / oem: pdc pts bumper sensors <\/ li>
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  4. Manufacturer Part Number: 61085984 <\/ li>
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  6. Manufacturer: suwtec <\/ li>
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    Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles    Premium Assistance 4x Parking Sensor Alarm 18mm Cdp Park Vehicles